Smith Carrins Brewster Subaru - Subaru is Trying to make it my falt!

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Brewster Subaru does not want to honor my extended warrenty.They are trying to prove that the problem has occured due to poor maintence of the vehicle.

They told me I have to submit receipts with the vin number on it. My husband has been changing the oil in my vehicles forever. I have 4 vehicles one with 289,000 miles on it. I think he can change the oil.

Now they are going to tear down the engine. That vehicle will never be the same. Why buy an extended warrenty then. Where does it say that it must be maintenced at the dealer?

I have owned 6 subaru vehicles and never has this happened. I am so stressed over this. The car was a 2006 legacy with a turbo. When I bought it in to the service a mechanic told me oh thats the turbo they always have problems.

The car was purchased Aug 2009. We have only put about 25K miles on it.

Now what??I am soooo pissed..

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I ended up letting them open up the engine.It proved that I had been changing the oil.

They ended up giving me a brand new turbo and putting the engine back together with many new parts.

The car is now running great.But I will never, ever go back to that service department.


I had the same problem with a 2005 Subaru Legacy with Turbo.Oil changed on regular basis.

Took a trip and engine started screaming, they told my it was my fault it was being driven with no oil. Never a light, any indication that there was a problem. Only 40K miles. Cost me 10K to get a new engine.

Don't blame you for being pissed, I about turned blue.

What are you going to do fix it or push off a cliff.Good luck.

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